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Crystalight Energy Healing

"Smile! It's Your Time to Shine!"

We Are Energy

We are Energy. We originate from Stardust...

Our body is made up of billions of atoms mostly consisting of hydrogen, oxygen, carbon and nitrogen, forged from the brilliant stars that exploded billions of years ago. We are a complex energetic structure, an electromagnetic field, an electrical current, energy fluctuating in waves of light, emitting our own unique frequencies. We are held together by magnetism within a geometric form. We think, we feel and we exist within our own reality. We are influenced by our energy field and respond to our environment. We are a product of our thoughts and experience.

The Science Behind Energy Healing & Reiki Practice

From the perspective of a Reiki Practitioner, working on the subtle energies surrounding my client's body is not the only focus in the process of the healing treatment. The energy of the earth and the immense workings of the Universe are constantly playing an integral part in my awareness. The connection to all the available forces that be is what drives the shifts and powers my intention to help my client to heal. This energy is ever accessible and although it can be a magical and spiritual experience, and some still try to dismiss the reality of Reiki practice as hocus-pocus, science does play a significant part. Scientific research with definitive results may be scarce, but there is a lot of measurable data that is relevant to the electromagnetism present in the process of energy healing, balancing and charging. 

"Energy" takes on many forms, such as electrical, mechanical, chemical & thermal. Light or electromagnetic radiation has a visible spectrum which our brain interprets into sight, and others such as radio, infrared and ultraviolet we generally can't see because the wavelengths are too short or too long for the human eyes to interpret.(But there are people that have the ability to "see" light, to detect the "colours" that radiate within the human we all know, there are exceptions to every rule!) The human biofield is our blueprint, a multidimensional energetic field that defines us. If we remove a limb, that blueprint will still exist energetically, connected to the physical sensations within the brain. This is why, we believe, that phantom pain can exist when the actual physical body part is gone. We are wired a certain way that gives us form on many levels that exist outside and within the physical matter.

Energy can be transformed from one form to another and magnetic fields do not overlap, they interact with one another... this is Science. 

From the perspective of Health, energy is "the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity". 

From the perspective of Physics, “energy is the property that must be transferred to an object in order to perform work”. 

They are all the same, a Source' that produces a function. 

So it is clear that our bodies and our Universe are a power-pack of energy, a mass of radiating, circulating and spiralling electromagnetic waves feeding the life force within us and the world around us. We are beings of light energy radiating across multiple dimensions, a piece of the complex latticework of the Universe. 

Reiki tunes into and utilizes this Universal force, just like a radio picking up radio waves, another form of electromagnetic radiation, being transformed into sound. Reiki tunes into healing light energy which is channelled through to the recipient. Reiki understands, connects and interprets what is needed with energetic, compassionate intention, providing a platform for healing to take place. 

Mainstream medicine and complementary healing are just yearning to be integrated, and although there are glimpses of change and we have taken steps in Quantum Physics to delve deeper, we still have a long way to go in the process of integrating a peaceful and loving acceptance of 

different perspectives and techniques. 

I believe that once the resistance to unite diminishes and the 'Intention of Healing' becomes the mainstream focus, a huge shift in consciousness will take place. 

Once the energies of different minds and hearts combine, so much more is possible in

the world of Peace, Health and Healing.

Want to go Deeper ?

Here is a clip on Quantum Theory to whet your appetite!

The Universe is Amazing!

Got some time to launch into space?

Sit back and enjoy How the Universe Works

Listening to Your Body 

We don't need to understand everything from an atomic level to stay healthy, we can simply approach wellbeing by intuitively "listening" to our body with trust and a non-judgmental mind. As humans we tend to concentrate on external forces that influence our being, forces that act upon us and those that judge us, this way it is easier to relinquish responsibility for our own actions upon our health and wellbeing. Although external forces do influence us, ultimately we are in control of our own life; we greatly influence our future joy and wellness with the choices we make. 

"In order to 'listen' to what our body is telling us we must first be still, relaxed to a point

where we are truly listening to the messages that our body is communicating to us.

Allowing a state of deep relaxation provides that space, that stillness,

then healing on a deeper level can take place." 

Each feeling we experience co-insides with our thoughts, and our physical body responds to these messages and other fuels we feed it. We can nurture or destroy our body depending on our choices; we have more control than we like to admit! 

         For us to move and function we need fuel and this comes from all sources of energy that we consume and connect with. 

Every meal we consume, every liquid we drink, every person we spend time with, every sight we absorb through our eyes and sound through our ears...all these energetic fuels affect our subtle and physical bodies. We naturally absorb and digest as best we can all that we are exposed to, internally and externally, it then becomes a part of us. An argument that you had with someone last week may still be sitting in your energetic field for weeks, for months or even years; a negative, energetic mass constantly hammering your health. Your memories may continue to relive this experience with too much intensity, reminding you that something needs to be cleared or they may just create a block so you no longer can access those thoughts. 

We need to listen to the inner world, the messages that our subconscious self is communicating mentally, physically and emotionally . It may not always be in your conscious mind but negativity can hover within your personal space, like a toxic vapour invading your space, eroding your wellbeing, draining your energy levels and creating imbalance in your life.

To feel empowered first we need to have some basic understanding of what we are dealing with, what our structure is and what it is capable of. We are all unique and can learn by the experiences of others but our individuality is ours and ours alone. 

Our basic energetic structure is made of 7 Chakra centers and 7 layers of the Aura, or 'subtle body'. There are also 12 main channels of energy known as principal meridians. These run like rivers of energy, nourishing the organs and systems of the body. When in harmony, these all synchronize like a symphony, spiralling, pulsing and flowing, distributing energy throughout the body, keeping it fresh and active, and providing richness to the protective layers of the aura.

Each Chakra center resonates a frequency that nourishes different areas of the body and our Life. 

For example, if the Throat Chakra is blocked or unbalanced we may have trouble speaking, have a quiver in our voice or develop tonsillitis or thyroid problems. Our ability to express ourselves through this communication channel may be weakened. This can be a result of a range of things, such as being silenced as a child and not been given the chance to "voice" your opinion, which can impact on this energy center throughout your life. Reiki Energy Healing can gently identify, heal and nourish these chakra blocks, helping to balance, nourished and revitalize your bodily system.

All of these systems can become blocked, stagnant and disrupted, this is when illness occurs within the physical body.

Nourishing ourselves with clean, highly nutritious foods and liquids, fresh air, enjoyable exercise, Reiki treatments, a

positive mindset and joyful interactions with others, all contribute to maintaining our health and wellbeing.

Curious? Want to know more about the research and professional perspectives on Energy Healing?

Here is a video about this delicate 'energetic web' -the 'Living Matrix' that we are all create as light beings... The Living Matrix .

At Crystalight Energy Healing it is my pleasure to work with you to design a treatment that will serve you to be the

Best You Can Be!

Love your Light!

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