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Crystalight Energy Healing

"Smile! It's Your Time to Shine!"

Customer Testimonials

Sonia is a lovely lady who immediately makes you feel safe and at ease. Having never had a spiritual cleanse before I found this experience to be really in-depth and peaceful. Sonia knew so much about me which was incredible.. I would definitely recommend her to anyone.

Thank you Sonia.

Tiffany Mcphail - Wangaratta, Vic

Dec 2020

I have been visiting Sonia for a year now, and every visit has been nothing but beautiful. Learning about myself more and more each time. More recently though, I had moved into a new home that I wasn't quite settling well with. I let this go on for a few weeks, so unsure of what I could do to help ease this transition for myself and the energy of the home. I contacted Sonia, I let her know what had been happening and of course, the beautiful woman AND her peaceful assistant were at my doorstep within hours. After a combined cleanse of myself and the home, I felt so light and "open". Almost as though I hadn't smelt anything in a month, my senses had even had a chance to absorb this new world around me.

But sure enough, now, my home is lighter. My home is home.

My aura has expanded and my crippling anxiety has passed.

I will forever be grateful for all Sonia has done for me, and for all she has helped me do for myself."


Thankyou. For everything, Tilly xx

Tilly Goldsmith - Cobram, Vic

Mar 2020

I recommend this to everyone who is thinking about it.

My sleep patterns are so much better and I feel a lot calmer after one session. I feel it was a great choice I made.

Thanks Sonia from Phoebe

Phoebe B.- Melbourne, Vic

Oct 2019

I loved our last session Sonia, to feel the gentle rocking of what felt to me like being in a Waka (canoe) out at sea with my Tupuna ( ancestors) was amazing!!!

I look forward to some more healing with you soon.


Traceylee Mueller - Cobram, Vic

Aug 2019

Sonia contacted me two weeks ago randomly, never spoken to her before and the day she contacted me was one of the worst in a long time. I needed to hear from Sonia and when she offered for me to come see her I automatically accepted, and boy am I glad I went. I've never done Reiki before, has been on my to do list...I couldn't stop my right hand from tremmering, this has been going on for a while now. An hour later I opened my eyes feeling lighter, happier, relaxed and my right hand has no more shaking! First thing I did was hug her with all the love and appreciation in my heart for what she has done for me.

Sonia is an Angel. I'll be back, thankyou for fixing me.

Charlie Nealer - Yarrawonga, Vic

May 2019

My mother was deepening into dementia on her way to dying. She was in a care facility where no relatives lived nearby.

My desire was to enhance Mum’s overall well-being, comfort, ease and quiet spiritual connection on her journey to becoming an ancestor. I found Sonia and she became my emissary, on a special weekly mission to provide succour via in-person weekly Reiki sessions for my Mum.

I am deeply grateful for Sonia’s reliability, focus, boundaries, sensitivity, professionalism, intelligence, presence and generosity of spirit over the 6 months of providing weekly treatment for my mother. She emailed me weekly written accounts of Mum’s state, what had occurred during the session and anything she felt I ought to know. She also navigated the mien of the mainstream medical context with grace.

Sonia’s presence in this situation sustained both my process and Mum’s process in parallel, as we moved gradually towards the inevitable.

I recommend her as an indirect beneficiary of her work

J.M - Byron Bay, Nsw

Mar 2019

At first appointment I instantly found comfort in Sonia’s lovely nurturing nature. The deep relaxation and healing is what draws me back each time. Sonia is truly gifted. Thank you and look forward to many more sessions x

Kate M.- Yarrawonga, Vic

Mar 2019

I have been having some Healing Reiki sessions with Sonia for a few months now. I have never felt so well in a long time. Sonia has made me feel so relaxed and in touch with myself. I just felt like I needed a tune up and I can't believe how relaxed I feel when I enter her room and my wellbeing has improved tenfold. Thankyou Sonia.

Looking forward to a very good 2019. 

Maree Bradley - Yarrawonga, Vic

Oct 2018

I have never felt so calm and professionally nurtured.

An exceptional healing experience and incredible feeling of inner peace. Thank you to Sonia for creating this opportunity in her private healing space for me. 10/10

Daimo - Hervey Bay, Qld

Oct 2018

I have seen Sonia twice to help deal with stress and learn how to relax and I am extremely happy with the results so far. Sonia is a lovely lady and has helped lift the pressures of everyday life. I now see Sonia every two weeks and look forward to seeing her and feeling amazing after my visits!

I highly recommended her to anyone who interested. 

Michelle - Cobram, Vic

Oct 2018

Hi Sonia,

I just wish to thank you for the healing you gave me, and to let you know that it is still continuing to improve every day. I find that I can now walk straighter and that my hip has improved immensely after slipping out of socket several months go, and that no-one who has worked on it before has had that success. I must add that this is an artificial hip and it is very important to keep in place as I had had 2 bone grafts and metal to extend my leg. Once again thank you for a great job well done.


Betty Moy - Bendigo, Vic

Oct 2018

I have been a practicing psychic medium for over 50 years & had many healings in my 80 years of life. This is the best I have ever had. The relaxation was incredible & allowed me to activate a deep spiritual journey. I felt I was floating. I saw a long road & was aware of a purple light all over my body. I could here someone saying "Let my people go" it seemed to be biblical times. I felt I was shown the Akashic Records & left my physical body. I was looking down on the journey of my life. I sensed a pair of golden hands embracing me & around an old injury. I could feel pain drain out of my body & could see a field of blue flowers. I have had extensive surgery on my hip & a recent ankle injury but when Sonia gently woke me & I stood up, I felt taller without discomfort at all! I looked in the mirror & I was standing straighter without pain. Wonderful experience, I feel my life has been cleared out & the road ahead clearer. Wonderful experience.

Thankyou so much Sonia. xx

Betty Moy - Bendigo, Vic

Sep 2019

Sonia was very calming throughout my first session and welcoming. Was able to shed some emotions and felt stronger within myself to keep positive.

Love the follow up too. Thanks Sonia ❤ 

Helen Freeman - Finley, Vic

Aug 2018

I’ve been seeing Sonia on a fortnightly basis for a few months now. Sonia has helped me with stress levels and chakra balancing. I am in love with Reiki, it’s truly a beautiful experience. I highly recommend Sonia!! xxxxx

Ell Willcoxson - Corowa, NSW

July 2019

The energy I felt was amazing I really was deeply relaxed from the start. Since my session I've felt completely calm and balanced can't wait for my next one! Thank you

Jordyn O'Bryan - Yarrawonga, Vic

June 2018

My experience with Sonia was amazing, I felt so relaxed and almost floaty. She also released feelings of anxiety and deep emotions. I would highly recommend her. I felt so calm and quite positive after my session. Everybody should have this experience because it is so special and very very different to anything else I have ever experienced.

Thank you Sonia x

Bev N. - Yarrawonga, Vic

May 2018

Sonia was very warm and welcoming. I look forward to positive results from my session today.

Sue Wild - Yarrawonga, Vic

June 2018

I had an amazing Reiki session with Sonia this week. I went in with a few aches and pains. Sonia relaxed me and relieved stress which helped me feel much better physically. Spiritually...... I guess she helped me reconnect with myself again. I came home feeling happy with who I am and had more clarity about where I’m going. I highly recommend Sonia .

Jenny Wallis - Cobram, Vic

May 2018

My Reiki treatment with Sonia at Crystalight Energy Healing was such a calming and energizing experience.

Sonia release old emotions, fears and worries.

I left the session with so much clarity

feeling grounded, positive & confident Highly recommend a Reiki healing with Sonia & can’t wait for my next session!! 

Joanne O'Dea - Yarrawonga, Vic

May 2018

I had a reiki treatment with Sonia after losing my mother and my marriage breaking down. I was feeling upset, anxious and lost. I felt a sense of relief after the reiki and listened to the advice to keep a journal. I have been writing things down with what’s been going on & how I’ve felt about things, which has made me feel better within myself.

Thanks again Sonia xxxx u have given me hope that things can only move forward for me.

I still think of that day quite regularly & when there are days when I feel myself getting up tight I lay down in a quiet place & just take slow deep breaths (in with the calm & blow out all the negative thoughts & feelings that I have) until I feel my inner peace within myself come back. Thankyou for all you help xxxx 

Kylie Cameron - Sydney, Nsw

June 2018

Absolutely amazing therapy...I floated out of

Sonja' s incredible therapy room on a cloud...felt balanced grounded and very much at peace...can't recommend this lady enough!....I will definately be back! 

Deb Sass - Bundalong, Vic

April 2018

Sonia lifted energy blocks for me during a big life transition. Wonderful session, loved the relaxing room, crystals and Sonia's Reiki. Thank you so much, I have felt much lighter since the treatment. I just wish I had of done a session at the start AND end of my holiday in Yarrawonga!

Liv Brown - Melbourne, Vic

April 2018

Yesterday i had a healing session with Sonia, it was one of the most amazing experiences i have had. Sonia makes you feel completely at ease and in very safe hands. I walked away feeling refreshed, more centered and more relaxed than i have felt in quite a while.

Thank you lovely, i will be back xx 

Cassii Thomas - Yarrawonga, Vic

April 2018

Sonia treated me with Reiki and crystals for anxiety and stress when I left my job after 30 years. I found the experience to be extremely helpful in creating an inner peace and letting go of frustrations of a demanding job. This has helped me to focus on my future with renewed energy.

Jon Cers - Yarrawonga, Vic

Jan 2018

After having a Reiki treatment by Sonia I felt calm and light. So relaxing. Highly recommended.

Haydn - Sydney, NSW

Dec 2018

Thankyou so much for my much needed Reiki treatment, I feel fantastic and I am sure I will for some time still. I feel blessed, so grateful to feel a sense of calm after being so stressed. I would highly recommend Sonia's service.

Jess Fisher - Hervey Bay, Qld

Oct 2017

Distant Reiki Healing Testimonials 

I have had skin problems on and off most of my life, and have seen many people and have tried lost of different treatments, not with much success. I seeked out Sonia, willing to give Long Distance Reiki healing a go. I have had 2 sessions with Sonia and I can truly say that the results are amazing. Since my sessions, I feel so much lighter, opened and just grateful. Sonia has encouraged me to write down my feelings and to release them, this has definitely been a huge part of my healing journey. I'm so grateful that the universe has guided Sonia into my life. Bless you, I can't thank you enough.

L. Sutton - Victoria

Oct 2020

Today I had my second remote Reiki session with Sonia and to say it was well over due would be an understatement.

To put it bluntly, I have been in a really bad place for a long time resulting in anxiety and feeling just broken.

After today’s session I actually feel like I am going to be able to get through this horrible time in my life and shine like never before.

Sonia has the magic of an angel and I have faith that together we will get me on track to a life where I can be in control and feel worthwhile again. I couldn’t do this without you ❤️🙏🤗

Highly recommend this beautiful light-worker, thank you Sonia 😘

Kerryn Mountain - Dromana Vic

Oct 2020

I have been seeing Sonia for remote Reiki healing as distance has been an issue seeing her in person since moving away.

I must admit I was a little sceptical at first thinking how does this work? all I know it does work and I would be lost without it now.

If your wanting someone with a special gift for your treatment please do yourself a favour and book an appointment with Sonya, she is amazing ❤️

Kerryn Mountain - Dromana Vic

May 2020

I reached out to Sonya from the United States as I had heard she could be very helpful even long distance.

I was suffering from extreme panic attacks, Anxiety, and I actually become Agoraphobic.

I felt Sonia’s Reiki so strongly that I actually was elevated to another plane. I felt Sonya‘s presence on this plane and felt her healing touch, it was the most amazing experience it’s not easy to describe.

Over the next few weeks I felt her Reiki more and more strongly as we met on this plane I began to feel the panic and anxiety dissipate. I know it was Sonya‘s healing touch that helped me. I am now living my life again instead of laying on the couch shaking wondering if my

life was worth living.

I don’t know what I would’ve done had I not reached out to Sonia and had she not reached out back to me. I truly believe she saved my life physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I still visit that plane, And feel Sonya‘s presence there and the simple touch which surrounds me with The protection of the white lights and helps keep me

healthy and grounded. If you’re looking for someone with special gifts to share spiritually, Sonia will not let you down.

Suzanne Marcy - Wakefield, RI, USA

Jan 2019

I've had 3 distance sessions so far with Sonia, and after each session I feel clearer and clearer gaining more inner strength and clarity. looking forward to receiving regular reiki sessions with Sonia. Highly recommend her services.

Maree Brereton - Shepparton, Vic

Jan 2019

That is so nice.... Victoria to Victoria.

I am feeling it.... a lightness, a soft glow type feeling... hard to describe as though on the inside I am levitating

Thank you, Sonia 

Linda Holton- Victoria, BC Canada

Aug 2018

I can not thank Sonia enough for her Distant Healing. After many years of toxic relationships and behaviour, I now have the confidence to say no when I should and to make self care a priority. The whole experience has been amazing and I have finally found a sense of peace and contentment in all areas of life. I honestly can't thank you enough for all of your help x

Highly recommended!

Linda Holton- Victoria, BC Canada

Aug 2018

I experienced my first distance Reiki healing session today. Wow what an experience! I not only feel renewed, grounded and balanced, but before my session today, I felt I may have been coming down with the flu. 12 hours later, there is no signs of it. Thanks Sonia, you are a true angel! I'll be back for sure! 😇

Cindy Green - Beachmere, Qld

June 2018

I had a long distance Reiki healing with Sonia at a time when I had been going through grief and stress in my life. I had 2 sessions and would highly recommend it. My body went from tense to a feeling of floating, I could feel my arms elevating and a wonderful sense of calm. It was like the bad feelings being washed through me and left me feeling in a much better place. I feel a healing is a wonderful relaxing thing to do for your body not only in times a stress. Thank you Sonia.

Pam Green - Hervey Bay, Qld

Feb 2018

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