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Crystalight Energy Healing

"Smile! It's Your Time to Shine!"

Relaxation for Stress

Reiki treatment helps to induce deep relaxation, when the body is relaxed it promotes healing on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. This helps to release stress from the physical body and other energetic layers. It gives your nervous system a chance to rest and recover.

Reiki Energy Healing can help you to change these patterns with subtle energy shifts that create healthy balance to nurture your system and stimulate healing.

Stress can be motivating and offer adrenaline boosts to get us through the most demanding of commitments but often it builds up and creates negative affects on the mind, body and emotions. If this continues over long periods of time it may develop into a chronic condition. When the nervous system in constantly in the 'flight response' your body becomes overstimulated and this can lead to burn out. It may be underlying and subtle sometimes, continually drawing from your energy resources. Taxing energetic patterns are set up and the brain and sympathetic nervous system are on autopilot following the demands of keeping you overstimulated and in survival mode. 

Anxiety and depression have become common household words these days; there are a range of mental health disorders that require careful diagnosis, monitoring and management by medical professionals. Unfortunately these conditions are often over-treated with strong medications which are not always managed effectively. The whole process can be very debilitating. Stress that has built up over time can become chronic and cause a person to become anxious about the impact on their life, and so a cycle of stress and anxiety can develop. Anxiety itself is designed as a short term emotion, it creates energy that propels us forward. When is anxiety is internalized and continues over long periods of time, it often indicates the resistance to process other emotions such as vulnerability or frustration leaving us in a state of anxious confusion. Taking steps to experience and express these suppressed emotions helps to release the energetic and physical tension trapped in the body. Reiki helps to initiate the deep relaxation needed to open these energy blocks, relax the mind and generate our natural ability to heal our body and clarify our thoughts. 

In our fast paced world of technology and high demands on our time and energy, we can get caught up in a whirlwind trying to keep just simple everyday tasks in check. Our body's natural alarm system — the “fight or flight” response — can get stuck in the 'on' position making is hard to switch 'off', creating detrimental patterns that drain our energy reserves. Balancing your energy patterns helps you to have more control and cope better when your energy is stretched to its limits.

Meditation is an excellent practice to induce relaxation and can be effectively enhanced by Reiki Energy Healing. Deep relaxation helps you to take a break from the racing thoughts, giving your body the opportunity to rest and recharge your energy reserves and create new, healthier patterns. Reiki can help to calm and activate these new patterns and allow you the opportunity for a more peaceful existence.