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Crystalight Energy Healing

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Reiki Therapy

History of Reiki

The story of the Usui System of Reiki Healing originates in the 1800's with a Japanese born Buddhist monk, Dr. Mikao Usui. While teaching in a small Christian college near Kyoto, Japan Dr. Usui was asked by a student how Jesus facilitated the healing miracles that he performed, and had he experienced it for himself. Dr. Usui could not attest to the miracle healings himself, which discouraged the student who then decided he could not devote his life to blind faith. This moved Dr. Usui to resign and go on a journey to seek the truth through spiritual enlightenment.

During the early 1920s, Dr. Usui entered into a 21-day practice on Mount Kurama-yama called the Discipline of Prayer and Fasting, according to translator Hyakuten Inamoto. It is understood that it was during these 21 days that Dr. Usui developed the healing art of Reiki. During his meditation and fasting he received a bolt of light to his third eye and was given the Reiki Symbols which have been pasted down through lineage of Masters and used today in modern Reiki practice. Dr. Usui initiated Chujiro Hayasi a retired Naval Officer, receiving 

his Master's Degree in 1925 and later went on to be Dr Usui's successor. He lectured on Reiki in Japan and trained teams of Reiki healers including 16 Masters in his lifetime. The teachings of the Usui System of healing has ever since been pasted down through lineage to the attuned Reiki initiates for healing practice today. The essence and Principals therefore living on in the memory of this Grand Master of Reiki healing.

Reiki Therapy

Reiki is a natural healing method that is gentle, non-invasive and helps achieve a sense of wholeness, not just with our physical and subtle bodies, but with the Universe around us. Often once a person has received Reiki healing their world around them changes; energetic shifts permeate their life. This is likely to be because once the energy field is cleansed and balanced, the new vibrational patterns create a shift in everything we are in contact with. Like dropping a stone into a pond, the ripple effect in the water vibrates out adjusting everything in its path. These frequencies also resonate inwards, replenishing our organs and other systems that make us function as human beings, including our thoughts and emotions. 

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body & Joy will naturally follow... 

The same is true for negativity. If we are exposed to destructive vibrations such as constant arguments, negative self-talk, internalized trauma, chronic anxiety, depression and environmental toxins, our resonance is heavier, unbalanced and has a debilitating impact on our energy field, weakening our vitality and allowing dis-ease to set in. These energy patterns chip away at our health, overwork our nervous system and zap our precious Life Force. Internalized emotions that are not acknowledged, expressed and allowed to release, sit inside our body and aura like a dense mass or cloud, creating energetic resistance. It is widely believed that this "mass" of energy can manifest as a variety of illnesses including physical masses such as tumors if left to sit for long periods of time.

Allowing energy to flow freely helps organs, circulation & the nervous system

to function more effectively...

Reiki Therapy is a great addition to enhance your healthy lifestyle plan. It helps restore the body's natural energetic frequencies, allowing your innate healing ability the time and space to repair and re-balance. Reiki supports the body to cleanse and release blockages, to allow all systems to flow freely. It helps to re-establish spiritual connection, mental clarity, physical vitality and emotional stability. Reiki is offered with the compassionate intention to heal, and works in harmony with the client's openness to receive Universal energy, and allow the shifts in frequency to create the healing process. 

As a Practitioner my objective is to support you in your healing journey, to help introduce a frequency to revitalize and stabilize the energy within the body and surrounding it. I am trained in sensing the subtle shifts and to use techniques to help your body to deeply relax and to adjust to new healthy patterns which allow healing to occur.

Scientists still can not understand how Reiki works but it is believed that the electromagnetic field of the healer's hands, the Schumann resonance (electromagnetic resonance from the Earth) and the ability to channel this and other available energy sources within the Universe, all play a part in the process of Reiki Energy Healing. There is also the vibration that is emitted from our thought patterns; the 'compassionate intention' for healing to take place, also enhances the frequency and the healing experience. This is why it is very important that you find a Reiki Practitioner that you resonate with and trust. Your combined intention for healing to take place has a strong vibration in its self and must come from a place of authenticity, love and compassion.

It took time for Astronomers to discover the mysterious planets within our Solar System and they still continue to uncover heavenly bodies far and beyond what we know of today. There is still much to be realized in this amazing Universe we live in. There are always questions to be answered and mysteries to unfold in their own time. Although there is little conclusive data so far that satisfies our scientific minds, there are still thousands of people all over the world that can attest to the healing effects of Reiki and other Energy Healing practices though Testimonials and quality of Life outcomes.

The best way to know Reiki is to experience it for yourself...

Medical Reiki

Medical Reiki is Reiki practiced in a medical setting, it is not a religion, but a spiritual practice that is "neutral" and available to all living beings of any creed. It can be freely accessed in a hospital environment without compromising a person's belief system or clinical treatment. 

Reiki treatments are being accepted more and more into clinical settings throughout the world. 

Health and community care facilities that support healing, recovery and palliative care have invited this gentle, supportive and effective method with amazing results.

Reiki is slowly reaching the Top Hospitals in the World.

In Perth the Solaris Cancer Care Center has a Reiki Community Clinic which provides monthly Reiki treatments for Cancer patients to help promote peace and wellbeing.

The Australian Center for Clinical Reiki in Melbourne also provides valuable services that offer assistance through Reiki sessions to patients, family members and hospital staff, working alongside Medical Practitioners helps improve results for all involved. 

Dr. Mehmet Oz, and well known and respected cardio-thoracic surgeon and Columbia University professor in the United States is an avid supporter of incorporating Reiki into his practice at times during heart surgery, using Reiki as a healing modality. There are also top 

healthcare facilities in the US such as Cleveland Clinic and The Mayo Clinic that support Medical Reiki practice and continue to conduct controlled research on the effects of including Reiki practice in various clinical treatments.

Medical staff can appreciate when the nervous system down regulates, healing can take place and the deep relaxation that comes about during Reiki practice provide an excellent platform for recovery. Patients feel better, digest better and sleep better; they become empowered in the healing process, strengthening their immune system and helping them to cope more effectively when they go home. The constant demands on nursing staff to console and calm those recovering in hospital have welcomed Reiki practice, helping to speed up the healing process, reduce stress and strengthen resilience to cope with the sometimes necessary invasive treatments. Clinical staff know the benefits of reducing stress to aid recovery and Reiki practice is an excellent, non-invasive way to provide patients with a healing method that calms the mind and body. It also takes pressure off the Health System and creates a more relaxing environment that everyone can benefit from, patients, staff and families. 

We, as a Reiki Community hope to see more and more Healthcare Facilities

invite Reiki practice into their care plans in the future

Feeling good starts with You.

It is about making choices that benefit your Health and Wellbeing.

We tend to give so much of ourselves to others and to our commitments. 

Coming back to self-care and putting ourselves first, provides a happier, healthier 'You'.

Then... you can share your Joy with others!

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