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Crystalight Energy Healing

"Smile! It's Your Time to Shine!"

My Spiritual Ancestry

"I am descended from Polish/Romanian Gypsy sensitives, my ancestry stems

across the Baltic regions where natural healing has been widely used and accepted for centuries. My Polish Grandmother was deeply spiritual and read from an old Slavic Bible she was given by High Priest Ustinov Vitaly. He established church service in Camp Fischbeck, Hamburg Germany during World War II, where my Grandmother lived after her homeland was invaded. It was during this traumatic time my father was born and later baptised in the Camp in 1946 by Bishop Vitaly.

The bible is written in an ancient text that very few can interpret. 

She later immigrated to Australia with spirituality being her healing and guiding light. With a spiritually open mind she interpreted dreams, provided spiritual guidance & support to immigrants to Australia that were lost & traumatized by war. She was an active Member of AMORC, the Ancient Mystical Order of the Rose,

also known as The Rosicrucian Order. 

I supported & helped her transition during her passing when she was 95 years old. We still have a very strong spiritual connection. She passed down sacred insight & intuitive understanding through the frequency of DNA & through her writings & icons left to me.

We have a connection I tapped into many years before we physically reconnected again years after we were separated. ​

We have a connection I tapped into many years before we physically reconnected again years after we were separated. ​

She is a part of me as I am a part of her and all that is in the Universe as One.


We are Energy, Nothing but Energy...

"Nothing can stop us, not even death itself."

" We are Here, We are Now. Wild and Free.

Wanderers of the Earth and Dreamers of the Skies.

Captured by Wonder. Innocently entwined by Faith and Fate.

We are Human by design and Endless Potential by Nature."

- Sonia x

Sensitivity & Empathy

I have always been hypersensitive to sound and electrical currents which sparked my curiosity for the 'unseen world'. The different layers of existence, Electromagnetic Fields, the Schumann resonance, sound waves, light waves, the frequencies of the human body, spirit energy; our connection to the Universe has always sparked my curiosity. 

Being sensitive to the EMF chaos from technology and human emotion, I tend to retreat into seclusion from the world at times to clear, recharge, balance and ground myself as a process of self-healing. 

During this time I also study, research and bask in awe at the vastness of the Universe and how every thought, every action here on Earth has a vibratory effect on Everything.

How Everything is Energy vibrating at different frequencies that can change in an instant, all connected within an immense matrix that intertwines

All as One.

My Community Mission

I would love to see Reiki Treatments introduced into our Regional Healthcare settings. The Staff are stretched to their limits; time constraints, regulations and the duties required are demanding. The environment can be stressful for the Staff and Patients and the time for human interaction and connection is diminishing. Introducing a Natural Healing System such as Reiki can bring the 'Light' back into the healing process and would be beneficial for all involved.

My involvement with Reiki treatments for Palliative patients has so far been met with mostly positive feedback, but in a world of red tape and scientific requirements, there is still much acceptance needed for Reiki Treatments to be free flowing throughout the clinical sectors.

My Story

I have been aware of my spiritual path for over 35 years, working with energy & intuition to bring healing & peace to our chaotic world. I have done a lot of healing work on myself, being a victim of sexual abuse at a young age I felt misunderstood and unsupported right through to my early adulthood. I realized that my healing was my responsibly and all can be healed with forgiveness, acceptance, love and compassion.

I learned the importance of giving love to oneself first and how it shines through your whole life.

By surrounding yourself with positive, caring people, empathy and love; and opening your heart to change, you can heal any wound.

If you must let someone go, even if they are family members, let them go with Love. There is no place for blame or competition, it is about learning and growing no matter what your age. Sometimes we must make the difficult decision to place healthy boundaries around our lives in order for our lives to change and this can be heartbreaking to do. It may not be forever but it may be best for where you are now on your journey.

"Give as you would receive and never be a slave to the needs of anyone,

not anyone."

My Personal Mission

My journey so far has ultimately lead me to Reiki Energy Healing. Combining my respect for the subtle energy that supports all Life and my compassion for helping others, it is my passion to bring more Light to this World in my work & in my personal life.

My mission is to continue to raise my frequency, expand my awareness and help empower others to appreciate their worth, be responsible for their own healing, be kind to themselves and others, and ultimately understand our infinite connection to

'All That Is as One'.