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Crystalight Energy Healing

"Smile! It's Your Time to Shine!"

More About Crystals

Here is some additional basic information about the structure and use of different crystals for healing. 

There are a myriad of crystals and stones that can be used for healing and balancing the energetic field, generally specific colours will be used that correspond to the chakra colour spectrum. Such as red or brown crystals for the Base Chakra and purple or mauve crystals for the Crown Chakra but the crystalline structure can also be utilized to adjust the body's frequency and balance our energetic bodies. Some crystals are more subtle than others in frequency and it depends on the individual healing being carried out as to which ones will be chosen. Energy that emits from a raw crystal will be different to one that is polished, or shaped into a sphere, wand or terminations. Tools such as the Vogel cut wand is crafted with precision from natural quartz, and helps to focus and amplify the energy in a specific spot on the body like a lazer-beam. When energy gets stuck it may need an extra nudge, so a raw crystal may be used first before soothing and sealing with a polished one. There are also specific methods and order in which the crystals are used to heal, clear and balance during your Healing session.

Here is a list of the different Crystal Lattice Systems that show the difference in nature and structure. These different formations may be utilized during your Crystalight Energy Healing treatment. It is interesting to see just how unique the crystal family really is!

In Crystallography there a 7 Crystalline Lattice Systems:


The cubic crystal system is where the unit cell is in the shape of a cube. This is one of the most common and simplest shapes found in crystals and minerals. Despite their colour, crystals such as this beautiful Fluorite can be used for it's earthing or grounding properties and relates to the Root or Base Chakra. Some others included are Halite, Spinel and Pyrite and metals such as Silver, Gold, Copper and Platinum are also a member of this family.

2. HEXAGONAL (Hexagonal Varieties)

The Hexagonal crystal structure comes in different types and often combined with the Trigonal System. The basic one has three out of the four axes in one plane, of the same length, and intersect each other at angles of 60 degrees. The fourth axis is of a different length and intersects the others at right angles. This form can be used to help balance the body's systems and for past-life healing. It works well with the Sacral Chakra. This family includes Emerald, Aquamarine, Apalite and Quartz. This beautiful example of Emerald below in matrix is a great specimen.

3. HEXAGONAL (Trigonal and Rhombohedral Varieties)

This is another form of Hexagonal structure (Rhombohedral System), axes and angles in this system are similar to the Hexagonal System, and the two systems are often combined as Hexagonal. In the cross-section of a Hexagonal crystal, there will be six sides. In the cross-section of a Trigonal crystal there will be three sides. This form corresponds the Solar Plexus Chakra helping to enhance our confidence and personal power. These forms include Ruby, Sapphire, Tourmaline and Calcite as shown below.


Crystals from this crystal system have a three-dimensional geometrical arrangement with three unequal axes at right angles. This form can be used for purification and channeling and corresponds to the Heart Chakra. Crystals in this family include Topaz, Celestite, Barite and Aragonite as shown below. 


This crystal system results from stretching a cubic lattice along one of its lattice vectors, so that the cube becomes a rectangular prism with a square base. This form can be used for inner harmony and again despite the colour can be used for healing the Throat Chakra. This specimen below is a Brown Zircon crystal still attached to the finer matrix or groundmass of rock. Others in this family include Apophyllite, Wulfenite and Rutile.


This crystal system generally has three axes, each of different lengths, two are at right angles to each other and the third is inclined. This form has qualities that can be used for enhancing intellect and cleansing, and works harmoniously with the Third Eye Chakra. Below is wonderful specimen of an Azurite crystal cluster. Others included in this family are Epidote, Selenite and Serpentine.


Crystals from this system have all three axes of different lengths and inclined towards each other. They are great to activate psychic awareness and include Kyanite, Labradorite, Moonstones and Turquoise and correspond to the Crown Chakra.

This Labradorite below is a beautiful example.

The energetic shifts we experience by introducing crystals into the energy field varies from person to person, therefore if crystals are used, each healing session will be different. Our frequency and sensitivity to vibration is ever changing, so to create beneficial patterns that keep our energetic body healthy and vital, we need continual self-care. Having regular Reiki treatments can help keep you balanced and revitalized, and clear any energetic debris. You can continue to keep your space in balance by also introducing your own crystals into your environment. Enjoy this beautiful gift of Mother Nature and respect the 'life' that each crystal embodies.

Living a healthy Life in mind, body & spirit helps you attract & nourish emotionally fulfilling relationships

& in turn replenishes the Joy in our World for All!


We also have a Crystal Cabinet so you can purchase your own gems from Mother Earth!

There is a limited supply, so after your Reiki session you can browse our beautiful selection of crystal beauties.

If you are in the area, just give us a call and we can make the Crystal Cabinet available to you at an arranged time.

For your information: Here's a link to a chart showing which crystals are sensitive to water & sunlight.

Here's a little peek to give you an idea of what we have on offer which is being added to regularly.

Enjoy a gentle and relaxing Crystalight Energy Healing treatment today.

Let your Light Shine!