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Crystalight Energy Healing

"Smile! It's Your Time to Shine!"

Energy Medicine

Energy is your vital life force, it keeps you vibrant and feeds your health. Using Energy Medicine as a part of your Energy Healing Treatment enhances the whole experience.

Energy Medicine is a combination of techniques that act upon electromagnetic frequencies and energetic flow, through points and channels that run in, through and around the body. These techniques have emerged from ancient practices such as acupuncture, yoga, and Qigong. Restoring and maintaining the body's energetic vibration can be carried out using the non-invasive application of tapping, pinching, swirling or connecting specific energy points on the skin.

Encouraging the shifting of your energy flow helps to calm your nervous system, relieve pain, regulate healthy energetic patterns, stimulate your immune system and re-establish your unique natural rhythm. 

Move it, Move it, Move it!!

Moving and shifting energy prevents stagnation. This includes hydrating your body to help eliminate toxins and cleanse the body, helping the free- flowing circulation of the blood to nourish your organs and physical activity to keep constant movement of lymph through your lymphatic system to assist the body to strengthen and protect against viral and bacterial invasion.

Including a Daily Energy Routine is something you can do for yourself...

Take some time to see what you can incorporate in your day.

It makes you feel truly alive!

Donna Eden, is the pioneer of Eden Energy Medicine and a most joyous and radiant soul. She has a wonderful range of routines and sequences that you can access anytime. Her abilities as a Healer and Teacher are legendary, and she has taught over fifty thousand people world wide from all walks of life how to engage and communicate with their own energies. I have studied her techniques and incorporate some of these during my treatment sessions to enhance the movement of stagnant and imbalanced energy patterns.

Donna has developed a variety of Energy Medicine techniques and routines which she uses daily. She overcame Multiple Sclerosis and various other health issues using these very Energy Medicine techniques. Incorporating these with other Energy Healing methods into your life will pave the path to health, vitality and joy. During your Crystalight Energy Healing treatment, I may show you some of these techniques to practice at home, so you are proactively involved in maintaining your vitality and wellbeing.

Balancing energy harmonizes your body's chemistry, regulates your hormones, stimulates clarity of mind and helps you to feel more connected with the world around you. 

When you maintain your energy flow, your inner light will glow!

The systems of your body become more in sync

and your heart is opened

to more love and joy. 

You feel connected to the Earth and to the Universe, just as we are designed to be!

At Crystalight Energy Healing, I pride myself in doing everything I can to help support your health and wellbeing

and to find the best combination of treatments that are especially unique for You.