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Crystalight Energy Healing

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Basic Crystalline Structure

There are 7 crystalline lattice systems that determine how the crystal is structured and how energy moves through it.

They correlate to the 7 Chakras for the purpose of healing and balancing.

These different structures give the crystal their individual characters.


Crystal Entrainment

Crystal Healing

Using crystals and stones has Historical references going way back to Ancient Sumeria, Egypt, China & India to name a few, where crystals were used for spiritual awareness, adornment, protection, and in magic formulas.​

The Ancient Greeks first used the word "crystal" (krustallos) meaning "ice' because they believed rock crystal was a form of permanently frozen water. They crushed hematite and rubbed it all over their bodies for protection before battle.

The Ancient Egyptians used lapis lazuli, turquoise, carnelian, emerald and clear quartz in their jewellery for status, decoration and protection. They placed quartz upon the forehead of their dead as they believed it would help guide them safely into the afterlife. The royalty wore crowns adorned in gems over the third eye to stimulate enlightenment and awareness. The Romans carried Tiger's Eye and wore amulets of crystal to enhance their health, attract abundance and protect them in battle.

Crystals are mentioned in Holy Scripts such as The Bible; this passage refers to the making of a Holy garment~

 "And thou shalt set in it settings of stones, even four rows of stones: The first row shall be a sadius [red carnelian], a topaz and a carbuncle [red garnet] this shall be the first row..." - Exodus 28:17. Many ancient scripts mention crystals, stones and minerals as items of protection, sacredness and power. The Hindu Vedas refers to diamond or rock crystal as "sphatika mani" and other colours and forms of crystal; referencing dispelling sins, acquiring knowledge and helping with progression in life. In Ayurvedic medicine certain crystals are also recognised for use in healing and wellbeing. 

Today they have become popular as a means to decorate our bodies, our homes and to activate peace and wellbeing by clearing and balancing the energetic fields of our bodies and our space.

Much like the Ancients we are drawn by an intuitive communication, an harmonic frequency to these precious gifts from Nature. 

It is a known scientific fact that quartz crystal is used in electronic devices such as some wrist watches, for its energetic resonance. Through piezoelectricity, which is the electronic charge that accumulates inside the crystalline structure of the quartz crystal, the mechanical workings of a wristwatch can be enhanced. A charge from the battery is sent, triggering the quartz's natural frequency to oscillate a precise rhythm back and forth, helping the mechanics of the watch to operate. It is through the crystalline structure and the frequency it emits, that science can capture a precise natural resonance.

The energy of the Crystal Kingdom is a precious gift of Mother Earth as is the Universe that works in harmony with her.

Using crystals for Healing is based on the crystal's frequency and the 'intention' of using them to heal; they are programmed specifically to do particular work and cleansed once the session has ended. Thought waves emitted in the form of 'intention' of both Practitioner and client, also carries a vibration, and the whole process works in harmony for the purpose of the client's wellbeing. The frequency that crystals naturally emit and their connection to the Earth also makes them a beautiful and natural healing tool. 

In most cases they have been created deep inside the womb of Mother Earth and lay in wait to rise up into our world, ready to do their work. They can be used to amplify the healing energy of Reiki; by setting intentions for healing and wellbeing they become a channel of Light to work harmoniously with the Practitioner; the experience is generally subtle, but it can be very powerful for sensitives and in the ongoing resonance in a person's Life.

Crystals are believed to be "alive" and have a "pulse", an "intelligence", and can effect a person's mood when working on the subtle body. Think of the feeling you get when you walk into a room adorned with these gems of the Earth. Many, many people attest to the positive affects they have on their life. They are a pleasure to work with in my Reiki Healing sessions; capturing nature's Dance of Light and hearing the positive outcomes of clients, keeps me inspired in my work with them.

Crystal Structure

All matter is energy, vibrating with its unique energetic blueprint which determines the way in which that energy will navigate its way in life. It determines growth and structure, such as human DNA and crystalline structure. When crystals are formed, through a combination of heat and pressure, a process called nucleation, it causes their atoms and molecules to follow a blueprint with a type of crystalline encoding. The molecules take on the most stable form it can in a precise location, by repeating this encoding until is it fully formed. Similar to the way humans are formed, by repeating a process through a pattern encoded within it, until the form is completed. There are other ways in which they are formed but this is the most relevant for the purpose of example.

The crystal's crystalline structure has a perfect form and like humans it aspires to be the best it can be. By placing a crystal within the energy field of our body we can create an energetic shift through entrainment, resonance absorption and far infrared (FIR); the electromagnetic radiation that is emitted by quartz crystal can permeate the body, subtly changing its frequency. This can help create a wave of energy that penetrates and harmonizes, promoting cellular growth and repair, helping circulation without added strain on the heart and improving muscle relaxation. 

Entrainment in the context of Crystal Healing is the process by which the rhythm of our energetic field synchronizes with that of the crystal, creating a harmonizing effect. Crystals also have the ability to absorb and transmit light so they make the perfect conduit for Healing Reiki Light.

The different mineral content, the colours of the crystal, the shape and clarity are all taken into consideration when using them for Healing in your treatment.

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Crystals & Reiki

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