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Crystalight Energy Healing

"Smile! It's Your Time to Shine!"

Chakra Balancing for Health

We have 7 main Chakras or Energy Centers that allow Lifeforce Energy to flow into and out of our Systems. They are swirling vortexes of energy giving and receiving messages from our body and our environment, working like little satellite dishes replenishing and expending our energy supply.

Our body, mind and emotions rely on this energy to function efficiently, to maintain good health and to regenerate new cells. If our Chakras are out of balance we develop disharmony within our energy field and this creates dis-ease in our body and our health becomes affected. This imbalance can extend into our lives; it can affect how we view our world, how we conduct our relationships with others, and our relationship with ourselves.

Each Chakra governs different functions of the body, mind and emotions and extends into our outer energetic layers. Each resonates at a different frequency and is traditionally associated with a colour of the light spectrum just like a rainbow. In its purest form it is "white light" a combination of them all. Together, the wavelengths of light spiral and vibrate, energizing our being. When all the energy centers are healthy, they work in harmony with one another creating a radiant glow of the Aura. Reiki and other Energy Healing techniques help to re-balance & harmonize by calming the body, shifting and clearing the energy flow.

We are designed to be Earthed and connected to a Power Source just like any electrical cable. We are a natural conduit of energy flowing through us. When Energy Healing is used the Practitioner opens themselves to the intention of healing and gently channels healing light through the hands by way of Reiki to help the recipient to re-energize and re-balance their own energetic field. It is still unknown scientifically how this works, nor do we know exactly why love is such a powerful force but we do know that each have to be experienced first to truly feel the benefits. The healing frequency of Reiki can also be enhanced by the resonance naturally produced by crystals, by the sound of a singing bowl and relaxation music. It is a gentle, yet powerful experience.

If you are intrigued by the process of Earthing and Grounding,

here is a great documentary you might find inspiring.

Take your shoes off, relax and open your mind...

Grounded (the documentary)