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Reiki and the Spirit World

Posted on September 29, 2018 at 9:15 PM

Reiki & the Spirit World

  It is no surprise that those existing on planet Earth are becoming more aware of the cosmic shift in frequency that is in motion. We are in a constant state of movement and evolution. We as a united family, are slowly becoming more conscious of the Universal connection that exists and integrates us all as a collective matrix of energy. There is a profound and expansive ‘Shift’ taking place that is slowly opening us more spiritually and consciously on deeper levels if we chose to be receptive to it.

This is where the healing energy of Reiki exists; this vital Life Force frequency is ever present. It is so important that when you come for your session that you are open and receptive to this healing vibration. Being resistant and closed off only stifles the process and denies you of the full potential of your wellbeing. Healing cannot be forced upon you; it is collaboration between Practitioner and Client that activates your own innate ability to balance and heal by surrendering with trust to shift on all levels and layers of your physical and spiritual self.

We are energetic, spiritual beings evolved from the material of exploding stars. We are stardust and ever connected to the Universal pulse of Life. ‘Spirit Energy’ is within and around us; it is a vibration of its own, as we all are individual and unique frequencies of light.

Sometimes a client will come to their Reiki session expecting to connect with love ones that have passed, they have a preconceived idea that ‘Reiki’ is about Mediumship and that a Practitioner should relay messages from spirit or to provide a psychic reading during or after their session. This is not so. Reiki is Healing, not Mediumship or Clairvoyance, although they can go hand in hand. It seems these days the ancient, spiritual art of Reiki Healing has been stretched and changed so much so, that people are a little confused with the concept of ‘Reiki Healing’ itself. The more attuned you are to your own unique frequency, the more capable you become to connect spiritually and intuitively, which provides you with the avenue to enhance your own ability to connect with those that have moved into the ‘Spirit Realm’. Reiki can help with this process, to help you develop spiritually and this is a beautiful gift.

In my sessions at Crystalight Energy Healing, I do combine Reiki energy with that of crystals and the resonance of the Tibetan singing bowl, which enhances the healing session, shifting, entraining and dissipating energy where necessary. This process can align with the frequency where ‘spirit beings’ exist, whether they are loved ones, guides or others. ‘Spirit’ can be described as the ‘essence of life’, the light that vibrates at a frequency that no longer resonates with the vibration of ‘life’ as we know it in our day to day reality, that which is dense and tangible. It exists within a different layer of existence that is accessible on another frequency. Those that have passed are ‘spirit energy’ an element of ‘All that is’; they are a frequency of light and can shift and change, and take on a form that can connect with ‘this reality’ as we know it. They can shift their frequency so that it can be interpreted as a message or contact by our human senses and our intuition. This takes energy and focus and the ability to resonate at a place where both can meet.

Personally I am Clairsentient, which is a psychic gift and the ability to be physically and emotionally sensitive to my own life, to the feelings of others, to nature & animals, to the ‘spirit world’ and to the environment. I am an Empath which helps me understand the depth of emotion that others experience. Much of the time I can feel the emotions of others both in the heart and body and I can sense spirit energy around me when I open myself to this vibration and allow myself to focus on it. Sometimes during your Healing Session spirit or premonition may come through, or I may experience briefly a trauma that you yourself have experienced. This is for the purpose of understanding to assist in your healing, as this is my sole intention.

‘Spirit’ generally vibrates at a very high frequency, and when the healing connection occurs it is generally also on a high vibrational frequency, one that is always present but we don’t always resonate with unless we are very healthy beings! Many Empaths and Sensitives are Clairsentient, which can be a very helpful gift in Reiki healing to assess the client’s energy shifts, subtle changes and depth of mood and flow of energy throughout the subtle energetic field. It can also be helpful in calling in assistance from ‘Spirit’ during prayer before your session for the purpose of your Healing and this can also include your passed loved ones. This actually happens quite often, they appear usually briefly as a being of light, I don’t use my energy to help them manifest into full figure as I can sense that they are there to assist and that is what is important. It is not so much to bring messages (although they do at times) nor to bang on walls to get attention! They subtly and gently appear as Light Beings to help lift the healing vibration for your wellbeing and you may sense them there and some clients visualise them in the ‘mind’s eye’. It is an additional loving energy that helps to bring you into balance. If this occurs often I will relay this phenomenon to you but it is not always necessary unless you ask specifically if this does happen in your session that you want to know. The purpose of your session is to surrender, relax, balance and heal.

It is true, that while the subtle body is open to Healing and the Practitioner is channelling Reiki energy through, subtle messages or images may come through from the 'spirit world' but this is not the purpose nor the focus of your Reiki session. The focus is you. If a Practitioner is distracted by a passing entity that has been invited in while you are vulnerable the energy will change and it may not benefit the healing. This is why my Healing Room is sacred to the purpose healing, as are you as my client. The space is cleansed physically and energetically as are my crystals. I do not open the veil to any and every spirit being, as my focus is to bring Reiki healing energy in for you. My full dedication is to the healing process; opening the door to the spirit world can cause energetic disruption and unwanted entities may enter the room even with the best intention to protect the space. This is why it is important to be specific in the intention of the sacred space. Contact with the spirit world, although it is something I have done for people outside Reiki practice, is not the purpose of Reiki in your healing session.

There are people who combine their gifts and advertise themselves this way, which brings people with the expectation to connect to those that have passed, and although this can be a healing experience, it is not Reiki but it may be what some people want and I respect the differences in the practice of others.

During a Reiki treatment the client and the Practitioner are open and vulnerable; this is why there is prayer and ritual before and after your session, with the deep intention of healing and protecting the client for their highest good. It is not a time to open a portal for the spirit world to step through unless they are specifically invited for the pure purpose of assisting in the healing itself.

Grief from the passing of a loved one is emotional energy; it can manifest in the physical body and sit in the aura. This emotion may be left unprocessed and cause a person to carry a heavy burden, it may also include other emotions such as guilt and confusion. Reiki can help to dissipate the denseness of this energy so it can be more easily processed. Just like digesting a heavy meal when you have ingested too much food, the energetic body also needs space and time to digest heavy emotions, process them and eliminate that which is no longer needed for the process of grieving. Memories of a passed loved one will remain and may bring up emotions from time to time and this is healthy to help you recognise and experience feelings of love and to honor connection. But if this grief sits inside the body without being addressed and processed it can build up to a point where this energy becomes distorted and confused and invades everyday life for longer than necessary. This situation may require professional grief counselling as well as Reiki healing to help you heal and move forward.

Two people can listen to the same music and have a totally different response.

It is similar to being open to Reiki, it is within the intention, within our willingness to channel and receive the healing energy, which creates the shifts and changes to our wellbeing.

Your safety and wellbeing is my duty as your Reiki Practitioner and the Crystalight Healing Space in a sacred sanctum for you to feel comfortable, to trust and open to Reiki Healing. Hoping this has provided some valuable insight.

...With Blessings of Crystalight, Sonia <3

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