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So How Does Reiki Work?

Posted on January 14, 2018 at 6:05 PM

Just the other day I was asked, "So, how does Reiki work?

It is a question that has been asked many, many times; it is a question that is sometimes hard to put into words that are accepted by the inquisitive and critical mind.

It is like responding to "What is Love" or " Are ghosts Real? or "What is the colour of Air !?"

It's another 'something' that we can not see, (unless you are lucky enough to see Auras! :D ;)

It is something we have to experience to truely know the power of its existence.

Science plays an integral role in our lives as human beings, we rely on results, analysis and documentation of such a wide range of curiousities and consumables. There are trials that have been conducted to find evidence of how Reiki works but not enough to satify the skeptical mind.

But really.."Does there have to be a logical answer to everything in life?"

If there were answers to every question that satified every mind, what would drive us forward and keep us wondering and searching for our Truth!?

Reiki has been accepted and included into many Healthcare Institutions now and practiced all over the World. Its popularity speaks for itself to those who choose to listen, but there are still those that brand it as an "unsubstantiated practice" no matter how many testimonials there may be.

Ultimately, we need to seek our own experiences in order to find our individual Truth.

So, my response to the Queston is:

"When you aren't feeling well, what do you yearn for?

Touch. I believe we all seek connection and the closest connection is touch.

What happens when you give or recieve a hug? How do you feel?

Take a moment to think about it, imagine the feeling...

Your body has a similar response to Reiki treatment, all that is needed is very light touch with the 'intention of healing'.

Sometimes there is no physical touch and the Practitioner will work just above the body within the Aura, "touching" the energy flowing out of your body with the intention to heal. It is in the 'healing intention' from both parties, that the power of Reiki is activated. 

When healing energy is activated your energy field changes, your vibration is lifted and your whole body, mind and spirit is altered.

It is through this positive change that healing begins, it creates a relaxation response that serves your immune system, nourishes your body and balances the frequency of your energy field. This permiates your organs, circulation, your whole self.

This exchange is like a 'group hug', because when the vibration of one person starts to resonate 'Healing', it radiates to all in that energy field, including your Practitioner! You have now initiated a positive effect for those around you and this in turn will enhance your whole Life.

"So you can see how it has a ripple effect, the more healing we do, the more healing is taking place."

Now all there is to do, is Try It !

See for yourself, you can only gain from the experience, even if it is only to answer this very question in your own words.

Treat yourself to the empowerment of Reiki and self-healing, what have you got to lose! :D

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